Apply for a visa / residence permit

Apply for a Visa / Residence Permit

In order to study in Germany or France, international students (except citizens of EU-countries) need a valid residence permit or a visa for studies. According to your nationality, you must apply for and receive a valid student visa before entering Germany or France or immediately after your arrival.

Visa for France

According to your nationality, you have to apply via the Campus France in your home country. If you are not subject to the Campus France procedure, please see here how to apply for the French visa. The French visa will allow you to stay in France for longer than 90 days.
Please read here for further information French visa application

Visa for Germany

Please read here for German visa application procedure:
or on the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) site

IMPORTANT: Do not travel on a tourist visa because it cannot be changed into a visa for studies.

Be aware that a visa application can take up to twelve weeks to be processed – it is important to apply well in advance of your visit. You should start the visa procedure as soon as you receive your admission letter.