registration with the authorities

In Freiburg
in Strasbourg

In Freiburg and all over Germany, everybody new to a city must register their residence (address) with the local authorities. You must do this after enrollment at the university. This is the first step to for students who additionally have to receive a residence permit. You must to this within the first three months of your stay.

1. Within the first ten days after your arrival to your address in Freiburg, you will have to register as a resident with the City at the city’s Bürgerämt where you live. (see more here). Y

2. Students who received a German visa for studies prior to their arrival in Germany must apply for a residence permit at the Foreigners’ Registration Office if the visa is not valid for the whole duration of your stay.
More information here:

3. Students who received a French visa and are living in France will need to apply a long stay visa if they want to move to Freiburg (for the 2nd semester). This long stay visa (BAMF procedure) allows you to live in Germany up to 360 days. Application should be made about 6 to 8 weeks before moving to Germany. See more details here.

In Strasbourg, See details here. You will have to validate your French visa within 3 months after your arrival. This is done online here. You must pay a fee which you can buy online here or you buy the electronic tax stamp, (‘Titre pour étrangers’) at a tobacconist’s shop.