Commute between Freiburg and Strasbourg
Further readings for international Freiburg students
Further readings for international Strasbourg students

The information below addresses the specificities of your double degree Master. We have compiled here a special guide for you, based on our experience and the senior students feed-back. You may consults as well the official guides for international students issued by both universities.

Commute between Freiburg and Strasbourg

Distance Duration Frequency Average price Ticket(s)


65 km 1.40 h 0.30 min 21,90 Semesterticket + EUROPAPASS + Add. Ticket TGO


98 km 1.30 h 5/day 21,90 i.e. plattform Flixbus GoEuro or Deinbusde


98 km 1.30 h variable variable i.e. plattform Blablacar or Bessermitfahren


You may have to travel between cities in your free time. This is quite easy in the Upper-Rhine region; check out the following links:


In Freiburg, you can book tickets with the Deutsche Bahn (German train)

There are many reductions and special offers. The cheapest fares are with the local trains services and they often allow bike transportation (up to a limited number though). The Baden-Württemberg-Ticket for example is valid for up to 5 persons for one day, price from 23€ for 1 up to 43€ for 5.

Train Services in France you find at the pages of the SNCF


There are many companies running regular lines between Freiburg and Strasbourg as well as to many other places in Germany or abroad. Here some examples of websites: Flixbus mein fernbus or busradar.

Public transportation

In Freiburg, the VAG (public transport company) sells a “Semester Ticket” for students, valid for one semester within the whole region.

Baden-Württemberg "JugendTicket" starting on 1st March 2023, this is a yearly subscription allowing you to travel in the whole federal state of Baden-Württemberg for max. 30,42 Euro/month. Details here. Application form to be signed by the university in Baden-Württemberg (coordinator) here.

Strasbourg’s public transportation runs with CTS. The CampusPass allows you to use the buses and trams in Strasbourg after you have activated this service "Activation des droits CTS" on ENT "Mon dossier" > "Activation des droits CTS"). It is a simple online form to fill out.


You can also book a seat in someone else’s car. Have a look at these (German) sites:
blablacar or bessermitfahren.

Need a bike?

A bicycle is very convenient to get around quickly in Freiburg and in Strasbourg. Both cities have a good an safe network of bike lanes and barely any slopes. It is highly recommended to wear a helmet though.

In Freiburg, you can buy a second-hand bike for example here:
gebraucht-fahrrad or zypresse

or rent a bicycle on a monthly basis here or use the public bicycle sharing system Frelo for a short spontaneous ride here

In Strasbourg, the public bike sharing system Vélhop offers a practical service which enables you to hire a bike for all your daily trips.