Temporary residence permit in Germany for French visa holders

BAMF /REST – Residence permit in Germany up to 360 days
For students with a visa for France who are to receive a residence permit in Germany for a maximum of 360 days. Please submit to your Freiburg coordinator the following documents at least 2 months before the planned stay in Germany. Note: calculate the number of days of your stay exactly within the duration of validity of French residence permit. In any case, the stay in Germany cannot exceed 360 days.
Below is the list of the required documents

1. this form
2. a residence title issued by the first EU State (issued for study purposes and in accordance with the REST guidelines),
3. a recognised, valid passport/replacement passport (copy only),
4. a valid visa (copy only),
5. proof that you are taking part in a programme organised by the EU or other multilateral programme entailing mobility and/or the agreement between the higher education institutions, (cooperation agreement between universities Freiburg and Strasbourg, enclosed here
6. an admission of the receiving university (i.e. Freiburg admission letter) and of the sending institution (i.e. Strasbourg)
7. proof of health insurance
8. proof of financial means (that you can support yourself ) with at least 861 €/month with one of the following documents :

  • a. scholarship
  • b. Payment of a security deposit into a blocked account at a financial institution that is permitted to carry out banking transactions in Germany and of which only a portion of the total amount paid in may be divided by the number of months of stay (e.g. one seventh of the amount paid in at a stay of seven months)
  • c. Commitment declaration
  • d. A written confirmation from the parents (information in the letter: amount, period, date and signature) and a copy of the passport. It must be proven how the students receive the money (e.g. bank statements with corresponding transfers).
  • e. Education loan
  • f. An informal declaration of taking charge of costs can only be made by the parents. For this purpose, a written declaration must be submitted by the parent stating the amount and the period of financial support. Corresponding bank statements for the transfer and a copy of the parent’s passport (ID) are also required.
  • g. All other persons (including sibblings) must submit a formal declaration of commitment using the national form.
  • h. The declaration of commitment must either be submitted to the responsible immigration authority in Germany (Auländerbehörde) (see here for Freiburg: https://www.freiburg.de/pb/-/205332/vbid6000943/mid3) or to the German diplomatic mission in your home country.

9. Please submit each document separately as a PDF, named as follows:
1) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name - form
2) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name - residence permit
3) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name - passport
4) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name – finance proof
5) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name – admission Freiburg
6) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name – admission Strasbourg
7) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name – health insurance
8) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name – cooperation agreement
9) BAMF - LAST NAME, first name – visa