Build your career in Polymer Science
on an international level

An international Master programme between Freiburg and Strasbourg

Built on a long-standing transnational collaboration in training and research, the University of Freiburg in Germany and the University of Strasbourg in France offer an International Master programme in Polymer Science (IM-PolyS). This is a 2 years study programme leading to a double Master degree awarded by both universities. The language of instruction is English - no knowledge of French or German is required.
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In the intercultural environment of the European Campus, the IM-PolyS aims at providing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training including chemical, physical and biological aspects of polymer and soft matter sciences. Contacts with industry and early possibilities to specialize according to individual preferences will offer broad opportunities for a career in the industry or academia.
Admitted students study in the first semester at Strasbourg university and in the second semester at Freiburg university. For the third and fourth semester, students choose either Freiburg or Strasbourg university to finalize their Master thesis.

During the whole duration of the Master, students are guided and advised by the team of teachers and the administrative staff of both universities. You are very welcome to contact them if you have a query.

Master students countries of origin