Programme and Courses


Here you can download a timetable with deadlines and important dates, which will help you to get a general overview of your two-year course of study.


  • Semester 1 (S1) in Strasbourg : Introduction to polymer and soft matter science, complemented by courses in chemistry and/or physics.
  • Semester 2 (S2) in Freiburg (introduction slides 2022): Before semester starts:
  • Lab course in "Macromolecular Materials and Chemistry" and advanced courses in polymer and soft matter science. In order to access the lab course, you must pass the entrance written exam. Here is the script to prepare for it.
  • During the semester you will select one of the three Major Modules. You can find the time tables in the introduction slides.


  • Semester 3 (S3) à la carte : Contact with industry in polymer science and specialization via an advanced practical (internship) and elective courses. Students select the duration of the internship and choose among the selection of courses offered in Strasbourg and/or Freiburg.
    You can find information about the organization of the 3rd semester internship HERE.
    The WISHLIST is the document to use for the registration of the selected semester 3 options.
  • Semester 4 (S4): Master’s research internship and master thesis.
    In the framework of the IM PolyS programme an annual Science Day will be
    organized where students can present their work.


During both years of the IM-PolyS master’s degree, students will live in an intercultural scientific environment. To promote this intercultural component, intensive language courses are scheduled in the first three semesters - students will be able to choose between French or/and German classes. Additionally, students participate in intercultural classes during the first year.

You can find a detailed course description of the courses of all 4 semesters
here (University Strasbourg - "International Master on Polymer Science (IM-PolyS)") and here (university Freiburg)